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Forest Road


To/From the Trail:  Free Guest pick-up at Unicoi Gap, Dicks Creek Gap, and Blue Ridge Gap when staying at Hostel Around the Bend. Free Guest drop-off from the hostel back to these trailheads at scheduled morning times (contact hostel for current schedule).

To/From Town:  Free scheduled guest shuttles to/from town (location and schedule varies). One free scheduled town shuttle per guest per day stayed.

Slackpacking:  Free slackpacking options for Unicoi Gap, Dicks Creek Gap, and Blue Ridge Gap during stay.  See "Slackpacking" section below for more information.



With slackpacking, you can leave most of your gear behind at Hostel Around the Bend that you wouldn't need for a day hike, so you can hike with a much lighter pack! You can borrow one of our day packs or use your own pack.   Stay the night at the hostel, hike during the day, then return to the hostel to stay another night in our comfortable beds!  We'll return you to where you left off on the trail.

Slackpacking Options (free for Hostel Around the Bend guests during stay):

  • From Blue Ridge Gap to Dicks Creek Gap: 5.8 miles

  • From Unicoi Gap to Dicks Creek Gap: 16.7 miles

  • From Blue Ridge Gap to Unicoi Gap: 22.5 miles

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