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Short-Term and Long-Term Parking Available for Hostel Guests

Our hostel and outfitters are temporarily closed for summer break, so we are not offering parking at this time.

Check the home page for updates on our availability.


Guests staying overnight at Hostel Around the Bend may park in the hostel parking lot during their stay (parking spaces are first come, first served).


Due to limited parking availability in the parking area directly in front of the hostel, there is an on-site gravel parking area behind the hostel for guests of our hostel who will be leaving their vehicle parked after checking out of the hostel.

When you book a stay at our hostel, you can let us know if you'll need parking when you answer our pre-booking questions on our booking website.


Free parking for guests of the hostel during any night(s) stayed.  

There is a daily parking fee for guests staying at the hostel who wish to leave their vehicle(s) parked beyond their stay while they hike:

$5.00 per day per vehicle for uncovered parking in our gravel lot.

$10.00 per day per vehicle for covered garage parking at our property just down the road from the hostel (we will provide a shuttle to/from your vehicle).

Parking availability is first come, first served.


The daily parking rate is charged per vehicle and is charged at the time the guest will be leaving their vehicle based on the number of days the vehicle will be parked. All vehicle owners leaving a vehicle will be asked to fill out a parking registration form.


Parking is at the customer's own risk. Hostel Around the Bend LLC and its agents and employees do not assume care or responsibility of your vehicle or its contents, and shall not be liable for damage, accident, fire, theft, or loss of the vehicle or any items in the vehicle. Hostel Around the Bend LLC and its agents and employees shall not be responsible or liable for any injuries that may occur while the vehicle is on the Hostel Around the Bend premises.

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